Have you ever played music so loud, but realised you still cant hear it over the noises in your head…

You bloom like scattered weeds
all over the minds that least expect it;
infecting swollen hearts in more ways than


there is not a soul
with the strength
wants to pull
at your beautifully
rooted veins.

~S.A.J. (via prayforthelobotomist)

Anyone who thinks that sunshine is pure happiness, has never danced in the rain.

Teddy Roosevelt’s diary entry from the day his wife died. He never spoke of her death again.
Ok… I am horny as fuck right now!
→James Blunt - If Time Is All I Have

Time… is all I have, each day I’ll turn it back, I’ll waste it all on you… That’s what the broken hearted do. 

When winter comes, other people moan and groan but I smile… Because it means the rain is coming.
Look closely… This photographer accidentally captures one mans last moments… There is something about this… What was going through that mans head… how alone was he… how did it feel to fall 
Breathtakingly beautiful… 

Oh wow…

(Source: sloanemerrillgallery.com)


KwangHo Shin


Glitch Paintings by Andy Denzler